How to choose the best glasses to compliment your skin and hair color

The color, frame and style of your glasses can make or break your overall look. Have you ever wondered why a particular style of glasses looks really good on your friend and not you? 

The answer lies in finding the style that complements your specific skin tone, face shape and hair color. 

Matching glasses to skin tone:
Irrespective of the color of your skin or the amount of melanin in it, there are three universal “undertones” and as a general rule of thumb, wearing colors that match your skin tone rather than conflict with it, is the best look! 

- Warm (skin that has yellow, golden or peachy undertones)
People with warm skin tones should experiment with golden, brown, camel, khaki, coral, orange and peachy frame colors. 

-Cool (a cool complexion has pink and red undertones with a bluish tint)

For a cool toned complexion, one can go for blue, purple, silver, gray or even clear frames. 

-Neutral (a balanced mix of the above undertones)

Neutral skin tones, you guys have won the jackpot! You can wear just about anything, go bold with black, or have fun with quirky colors, mix-match and have a ball!

Matching glasses to complement hair color:
When matching your hair color to your glasses, the first step is to decide whether you want to stand out and make a statement or want something subtler.

Black hair
For black hair, saturated hues work the best! Darker frames look especially chic with black hair as they bring together the whole look. But if you’re looking to bring some pop of color to accentuate your look, go in for brighter colors that will bring a sharp contrast. 

Gray/White hair

Having gray hair is like having a blank canvas to work on, you can choose from a wide palette of colors to enhance your look. We suggest you to experiment with bold and bright frames and colors as a neutral hair color will not create a conflict, while also balancing the lightness of the hair. 

Blonde hair
If your blonde hair is lighter or platinum, you can opt for frames that are cooler in hues, such as purples, blues and grays, you can also choose from a wide range of pastel colors. For darker blonde hair types, choose warm colors such as green, beige, browns. 


Brown hair
People with dark brown hair should avoid pastel colors or heavy frames. Go for earthy tones or light-colored metal frames. On light brown hair, tortoiseshell glasses look great as they enhance the lighter streaks in the hair. Reds, greens and burgundy are your best friends!

Red hair

If you have red hair, cool tones are your thing. It’s best if you steer away from yellow or ashy tones as they can dull your overall look. You can also choose copper or tortoiseshell, but if you’re looking to make a statement, go for blues and greens. 


Ultimately you can wear whatever your heart desires this is just general guide!