Why it is crucial to wear sunglasses all year round

Sunglasses, a hat and some sunscreen, the perfect accessories for a snug day at the beach. Now think of a wintery getaway to the mountains…No no, don’t put those sunglasses away! Eye experts say, even on the cloudiest of days, 80% of the Sun’s UV rays can penetrate through. So, don’t get fooled by the dropping temperatures and gloomy skies, keep a pair of sunnies in your bag handy!

- Risk of Cataract:
Cataract is a medical condition where the lens of the eye becomes foggy, resulting in blurred or dim vision, which can ultimately lead to legal or total blindness. According to new research, Cataracts are caused or worsened by the exposure to direct sunlight. Since there is no natural cure of Cataract, one can definitely slow down or prevent the progression of Cataract with a healthy lifestyle and protecting the eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun.

- Skin Cancer:
Since the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and hence most sensitive, it can easily get damaged from prolonged exposure to the glaring rays of the Sun. Sunscreen is usually difficult to apply in the area around the eyes, hence wearing hats and choosing UV protective glasses provide the best protection.

- Prevents Eye-Fatigue and Strain:
Eye-fatigue and strain can be caused by something as simple as staring at your phone’s screen for an extended period of time or driving on a bright sunny day. Check our blue-light glasses to protect your eyes.

- Snow-Blindness:
Also called arc-eye or photokeratitis, it is an agonizing eye-condition that is caused by UV rays being reflected off ice and snow. It is basically an inflammation of the cornea characterized by pain and burning in the eyes, headaches, blurred vision etc. At elevation, we are exposed to more Ultraviolet rays of the Sun than at lower altitudes, hence wearing proper eye protection is imperative, regardless of the weather conditions!

- Keep your eyes moisturized:
Excessively dry eyes can cause irritation and redness. It can also interfere with your vision while driving or when out in the bright sun. You should protect your eyes by wearing glasses and lubricating your eyes with proper eye-drops.

Make it a habit to start keeping broad-rimmed hats and sunglasses in your bag whenever you go out. Not only do they protect you, but also bring style and raise the oomph quotient of every look!