“Sometimes you just have to bite your upper lip and put sunglasses on.” – Bob Dylan

Based in Vancouver, Canada- Sclera eyewear is a sublime fusion of luxury craftsmanship with timeless styles. Here at Sclera, we believe that a good pair of sunglasses are much more than just an accessory in your wardrobe. Trends will change, your style guru’s guide to fashion will transform with each season, but one thing in your closet that will withstand the test of time are your sunglasses.

We believe that everyone can create their own signature style, if they know where to explore. And if you’re searching for something fresh, that is crafted with the finest materials and great attention to every detail, look no further…

Your face is a beautiful canvas, and it deserves nothing less than the perfect frame.
Take a look at our unique designer sunglasses and innovative blue light blocking lenses, for the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. 


Our Core Values


Seva means selfless service in Sanskrit. Our ultimate goal is to help others first before we help ourselves, whether it is by providing customer-first based services, acts of kindness, or donating to those in need. Our main priority is to help others when help is needed.


 We aim to represent all cultures and embrace each other's differences. 


We celebrate each individual's signature style. Confidence is the best accessory so wear it with pride! 

Premium Quality

We seek the highest level of quality in all aspects of Sclera. From designs to delivering the best services, we strive to go above and beyond.

Hard Work

 Dedication and hard work are values we follow to the core every single day. We make sure that our customers are getting 100% from us at all times.